Product Management in HappyCatalog

The product management feature is used for viewing and managing your product information that is displayed on the iPad. You may add the following information to your products:

  • Product Name (required)
  • Short Description (optional)
  • Rich Description (optional)
  • Article Number (optional)
  • Price (optional)
  • Unit (optional)
  • Category (optional)
  • Picture (optional)

How to add products

To add a new product to your product list - click "Add Product". A new product row is added to the top of the list. Fill the fields that are relevant to your catalog and save the product. The product is now available in your catalog and will be transferred to your iPad the next time you download or update your catalog on the iPad.

How to remove products

Click "Remove" to remove a product from the product list. The product will be removed from the iPad the next time you update your catalog from the iPad.

How to edit products

Click "Edit" to edit the product information and save your changes when done. The product information will be updated on your iPad the next time you download or update your catalog on the iPad.

How to add a picture to your product

Pictures can be added to your products by entering the URL of a picture that is available on the Internet. For more information about how to handle pictures, see our guide about adding pictures to your catalog.

Product categories

Products may be devided into categories. These categories will be displayed on the iPad when you open your catalog. Tapping a category on your iPad shows the products belonging to that category. Categories are created automatically when you enter a new category name in the category field of the product.

Price and currency

All product prices are shown in the currency you specified when creating your catalog.