Step 5: Finalize your product catalog

When you have added your first product and attached a picture to it - remove the sample products and add the rest of your products.

Review your categories

When you are done with your products - click "Next >>" to continue. The category names you entered on your products will now be listed.

You cannot add or remove categories from the category list directly. Categories are automatically added when a new category name is entered on one of your products. To remove a category you need to go to your product list and remove the specific category name from all products using it.

What you can do on the category page is adding and replacing the pictures representing the categories. You do that by entering the url to the picture you want to use. To get the urls, follow the same procedure as with the product pictures in the previous step of this tutorial.

When a category is added (when a unused category name is entered on a product in the product list), the product picture will be assigned to the category automatically. In case there is no picture assigned to the product when the category is created, the category will be created without a picture.

When you are satisfied with your categories, click "Next >>". You will then return to the catlog page.

Your catalog is now complete - just remember to update the catalog on your iPad to make your changes visible.

You update the catalog by tapping "Update" under "Catalog Settings" in the Happy Catalog App on your iPad.

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This article is part of a 5 step tutorial:

  1. Get the catalog app
  2. Create your own product catalog
  3. Download your product Catalog to the iPad
  4. Add products to your catalog
  5. Finalize your catalog