Category Management in HappyCatalog

Products may be devided into categories. These categories will be displayed on the iPad when you open your catalog. Tapping a category on your iPad shows the products belonging to that category.

How to add categories

HappyCatalog automatically detects which categories are used by the products in your product list. When managaing your products, you may assign a category to that product. You do that by entering the a category name. If the category name that you enter is not already used by any of the other products, the category name you have entered will be used to create a new category for you.

How to remove categories

Categories are removed automatically when they are no longer in use by any of your products. If you want to remove a category - go to your product list and look for products reffering to the category that you want to remove. Remove the category name from these products and save. When the category name is no longer used by any of your products, the category is removed.

How to add a picture to a category

Pictures can be added to your categories by entering the URL of a picture that is available on the Internet. For more information about how to handle pictures, see our guide about adding pictures to your catalog.