Catalog Management in HappyCatalog

The catalog management view shows details about your catalog such as catalog id, name, description and currency. You may edit the catalog name and description by clicking "Edit Catalog Details".

Catalog edit view in HappyCatalog Catalog edit view in HappyCatalog

Downloading your catalog to the iPad

The following steps describes how to download your catalog to the iPad:

  1. Grab your iPad and launch the HappyCatalog app.
  2. After a few seconds, the "catalog settings" button is shown in the bottom-right corner. Tap the button to open the settings view.
  3. The list on the left side shows the installed catalogs. Tap "New Catalog..."
  4. Enter your catalog id in the "Catalog Id" field. Your catalog id is found in the catalog management view at
  5. Tap "Download".

Catalog edit view in HappyCatalog

Downloding a catalog may take som time, depending on the size of your catalog, the size of your product pictures and the performance of your internet connection. When your catalog is downloaded, tap "Show Catalog" to show it.

Updating a catalog on the iPad

If you make changes to your catalog on after the catalog has been downloaded to the iPad you will need to update your catalog on the iPad. To update the catalog on the iPad, open the catalog settings view and tap "Update".

Sharing your catalog with others

Your catalog can be downloaded to an unlimited amount of iPads. All that is needed to download your catalog is the HappyCatalog app and your catalog id.