Step 4: Adding products to your catalog

It is now time to add your own products to your catalog. We will start by having a look at your product list (which currently contains three sample products).

  1. Log in at
  2. On the "MY CATALOG" page, click the "Manage Products >>" button.

The three sample products will now be shown in a list. View the product pictures by clicking "view picture" link.

Using this product list, you can add, remove and edit the products that are shown in your catalog. Start by adding your own product by clicking "Add Product". A new row will now be added to the top of your product list. You may enter the following information regarding your product:

  • Product name
  • Short product description (will be shown in the product list on your iPad)
  • Rich product description (this information will be shown when viewing the details of a specific product on your iPad)
  • Article No. (if you use article numbers / SKU for your products)
  • Price
  • Category (see more information below)
  • Picture url (see more information below)

A product name is required - the other fields are optional.

About product categories

You can categorize your product by entering a category name in the field "Category". Just enter the category name that you want to use - if you enter a category name that has not yet been used for any of your other products, a new category will be created automatically.

About product pictures

You add pictures to your product by linking to pictures that are already available on the Internet. We will come back to this step later, so leave the "Picture url" field empty for now.

Save your product

Enter information about one of your products and click "Save". Your new product will be visible on your iPad after updating the catalog on your iPad. To update, start the "Happy Catalog" app on your iPad and go to "Catalog Settings". Choose your catalog and tap "Update". When the updating process has finished you can view your new product.

To add a picture to your product, that picture needs to be available on the Internet so that you can link to it by entering the url in the product editor.

If you are unsure about what a url is, or need help how to get it, please choose one of the following alternatives before continuing:

1. I need help to upload my pictures and link to them.

How to upload your pictures and get their urls

There are a lot of services that you can use to upload your pictures and link to them, and some of these services are free to use. In this turotial we will show how to use Dropbox, which works well together with Happy Catalog.

Get Dropbox

Dropbox is downloadable from Dropbox is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. In this tutorial we will use the Windows version. Download the version that suits you, install it and create a free Dropbox account.

Add your pictures to Dropbox

After installing Dropbox, open your Dropbox folder. One way of doing this is by doubleclicking the Dropbox icon in your system tray

Once you have opened your Dropbox folder, you will see that it contains folders such as "Photos", "Camera Uploads" and "Public". It is VERY IMPORTANT that you place your pictures for Happy Catalog in the "Public" folder. If you put them somewhere else you will not be able to link to them. Doubleclick the "Public" folder to open it:

Copy your product pictures to the "Public" folder. Your pictures will automatically be uploaded to Dropbox!

Link to your pictures in Dropbox

Once you have uploaded your pictures for to Dropbox, it is very easy to link to them from Happy Catalog. To copy the picture url, right-click your picture and select "Dropbox" > "Copy public link".

Now you have a picture url that you can use with Happy Catalog. Please continue reading below.

2. My pictures are already availabla in the internet, but I need help getting their url:s.

How to get the url of a picture on the Internet

The procedure to get the url of a picture differs a little depending on which web browser and operating system you use. The picture below shows how to get the picture url when running Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome:

  1. Go to the webpage showing the image you want to use
  2. Right-click the picture and select "Copy image URL"

How to get a picture url for HappyCatalog

The URL will in most cases end with ".jpg" or ".png". To make sure that the url is valid, you can open a new browser tab and paste the url in the address bar. If the url is ok, only the image will be shown:

Testing that the picture url is valid for HappyCatalog

A common mistake with picture URLs

If you are using some kind of third party service for hosting your images (such as Dropbox, Skydrive or Flickr) you need to make sure that the url points directly to the picture and not to a web page. Many of these services provides a function to share your picture and gives you a url. In many cases this url leads to a webpage that shows your picture instead of the picture is self. That kind of url does not work.

When you are ready, edit your product and enter your picture url in the "Picture url" field. Save your product and update the catalog on th iPad (see description above) to see the product picture on the iPad.

This article is part of a 5 step tutorial:

  1. Get the catalog app
  2. Create your own product catalog
  3. Download your product Catalog to the iPad
  4. Add products to your catalog
  5. Finalize your catalog

Click 'Manage Products' to go to the product list Click "Manage Products >>" to go to the product list Your new catalog contains three sample products. Your new catalog contains three sample products Show the product pictures by clicking view pictures Show the product pictures by clicking "view pictures" Click Add product to add a new product to the list Click "Add product" to add a new product to the list Fill the fields that are relevant to your product Fill the fields that are relevant to your product Add imageurl to desired product Add imageurl to desired product or category