Guides & Tutorials for HappyCatalog

HappyCatalog is the solution for bringing your product portfolio to the iPad.

We have put together a collection of guides and tutorials to help you getting started. If you do not find what you are looking for or if you have any questions or feature suggestions regarding HappyCatalog - please let us know!

The Complete Tutorial for Beginners

Learn how to create your free catalog from scratch using this step by step tutorial link above or see the movie tutorial below.

Catalog Management

Learn how to manage your catalog details and download your catalog to your iPad.

Product Management

Learn how to add, remove and edit product information in your catalog.

Category Management

Learn how your products can be arranged into categories.

Adding Pictures to Your Catalog

To add pictures to your products and product categories, your pictures need to be available on the internet so that you can link to them. Here you can learn more about how Happy Catalog handles pictures.

Dropbox images

Learn how you can use DropBox with Happy Catalog

Share your catalog

Learn how easy it is to share your catalog

HappyCatalog FAQ

Please have a look at our FAQ for answers to some frequently asked questions.

Your feedback is important to us!

Your feedback (good and bad) is important to us. Please let us know your thoughts about HappyCatalog, and about what we can do to improve it!